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The Fantastic The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater, Inc. was founded in 1994. Our mission is to strengthen and develop artistic and cultural awareness of Latinos in New York City. With our thought provoking, multi-media theater production, we reach a multi-ethnic and inter-generational, diverse audience, representative of the nation’s cultural tapestry. Through our written Lab, we develop original work of emerging and professional playwrights. FELT is dedicated to showcase work by women. Our Educational Program captures the voice of today’s youth, and provides an opportunity for theater and film related initiatives.

FELT has produced over 22 full-length productions, including Betty’s Garage focusing on Domestic Violence, At Risk concerning young people and their lives. Evelina’s Heart a multimedia play, inspired by the life and accomplishment of Dr. Evelina Lopez Antonetty, a Puerto Rican community leader. Crystal this play reflects the turbulent life of four urban teenagers in need of guidance and love. For the Love of Liz, dealing with the empowerment of women and world peace, Positive Women, a play about real stories of Latina women and HIV/AIDS. The Missteps of a Salsa Dancer, this play deals with intimate relationships in a Salsa Club. Brief Conversations, this piece conveys the unique interrelationship of two couples in need of love. The Imaginary Invalid, an adaptation of one of the comedies by the French writer Moliere and relocated in New York City, this piece has French music of the period as well as Latin Rock. Screaming in Silence, a play with music and movement based on a book of poetry. FELT helped in the production of the short film “I am Julia” … Caught in the Bully;s Lair” a short film that bring to light the subject of teen violence in the public schools. The film was presented at the New York, Big Apple Festival and the International Queens Festival. In this festival the film was nominated for best short.

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