A simple eclectic approach to acting, drawing in from various acting techniques.

➊ Using a physical, vocal, sense memory and affective memory.
➋ This class will also cover improvisation techniques.
➌ The workshop will encourage the student’s sense of play,
freedom and spontaneity.
➍ Scenes and monologues are very important components of
this class.
➎ Individual expression and fun (ludic aspects of art encouraged)
➏ Scene work and monologues. Performed at the end of class

Dates: Saturday, November 17, 24, and December 1, 8, 14 and 15.
Time: 1:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.
at FELT Studio, 107 Suffolk St, suite 311. Bet. Delancey and Rivington St. Trains F to Delancey, J, M to Essex St.
Course Price : $200.00

Gloria Zelaya
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